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Is it real?
How the Ethnopsychologist can help with this problem.



Dr. Trudie Bartholomew



It was with great empathy and understanding that I read the following article in the Qwa-Qwa & Eastern Free State Express of 31st March 2010:


"Woman’s Life made Hell: ‘Stubborn’ Tokoloshe won’t leave family".

By Sidwell Guduka


“I need serious help from someone who can chase a tokoloshe away
from my son and I.”


This is sad cry from Eunice Mkhwanazi (57) who stays with her son, Linda (12), on a farm in the Warden district, Eastern Free State. She claims that somebody has sent her a tokoloshe, and it has been living with her for more than 20 years.


“This creature has turned our lives into a nightmare. It strangles both Linda and myself at night and also wants to kill us. We always cry when it strangles us because we are scared of it. We tried in vain to get help from traditional healers in vain.” Mkhwanazi told Express Qwa-Qwa.


“Initially I had weird dreams at night. Then suddenly this tokoloshe surfaced. We don’t know where it came from or who had sent it to us. It just appeared from nowhere.” She said.


“This tokoloshe is very stubborn! I have since separated from my husband as a result. It made us fight all the time. It made him dislike me. Now it also gives Linda a hard time. When he sees it, he runs to me for cover.”


“It also makes me fall asleep and then makes love to me,” she added sadly. Mkhwanazi also alleges that the tokoloshe makes people hate her, including her own children. She has four other children who don’t live with her, but they often visit her on the farm.


“Every time my children are here we have heated quarrels. And we call each other names. I need help. The situation is getting worse. I need to live peacefully with my children like other people,” said Mkhwanazi.


“I want this tokoloshe to return to the person who sent it from me. I’m sick and tired of it! I want to live a normal life again,” she concluded.


If you think you can help her, please call Express reported Sidwell on 082-710-0823.




Ethnopsychology is a bridging between Western Psychology and African Traditional Healing Philosophy. Most Ethnomedicine Practitioners specializing in Ethnopsychology will have no problem in assisting Eunice with her problem, as they are trained not only to deal with these types of problems, but can also “see” in the spirit world, as is standard practice with most Traditional Healers.


The only difference is that they are trained to take their patient into a trance state where the patient can either see, feel or just know what is around them in the unseen world. Due to experience and thorough training, the Ethnopsychologist uses his higher intuition and abilities to enter into the world of the patient and ‘see’ in his mind what the patient sees. Most often he will work with another Ethnopsychologist who goes into trance with the patient, where both can see the same thing.


During training, we often have up to twelve students in the advanced classes who see exactly the same things while in trance state at the same time. This includes events which happened to the patient in early life, while in mother’s womb, at the time of making a spiritual contract for the current life, or even in heaven-life before coming to earth. where the soul occupies a physical body for some time.


We often deal with people who are severely traumatised by spiritual beings who live in the Astral as well as earth-bound entities. Many people from all races have problems with these entities, who go the extreme of having sex with them while asleep. Sometimes the entitity appears like a ‘tokoloshe’, a dog, a human being and most often a green being looking like a praying mantis. They pin the person down and even bite or scratch him.


During therapy we take the person into a trance state using a rapid Hypnosis induction, and gently take him back in time to ‘dream the dream’ again, and re-live the experience. It is a nice confirmation that the assistant as well as the therapist can ‘see’ and often feel what the client is going through.


We do not do ‘exorcisms’ as portrayed in movies, but because we have no fear, it is possible to communicate with the entity and find out who he is, why he is there, and where he comes from. This is done with love, as the being is a soul who is lost of often trapped in a situation. Once we understand who he is and why he is in the specific body, we can regress him, using the patient’s or the assistant’s voice to communicate, and take him back to the trauma which happened before he/she died.


After re-living the experience, we would typically take the soul back to the time when he made the contract for the traumatized life when still in spirit form, long before conception. Once he can understand that it was his own choice, and that the experience of the life was simply to overcome or experience something, it is much easier to forgive all involved.


All souls remember a time when they were in spirit form “in the presence of God”, and once they re-live that great event in the light of God, filling them with unconditional love, they want to stay in the light. They are offered a choice of either returning to the “light” or go back to the “darkness”, where they will most certainly be punished for failing in the task given to them. Because we have no right to impose our will on anybody, whether in physical or spiritual form, we have to respect their choice. I have however never encountered any of these beings who chose to return to the suffering of the darkness.


My own experience with a tokoloshe


When I was a child, I could see many spirits walking in the house, but because my father answered my questions in a very matter-of-fact way, it did not scare me and it was considered a normal appearance. I would ask my father who all the people were, walking around in the house, and when describing the person to him, he explained who the person was, e.g. “just your grandmother”.


Unfortunately I lost the ability to see them through my physical eyes, but could sense and hear them. Much later in life however, I learned how to perceive these beings in my mind. It is almost like a memory coming to me, and I can see the pictures in my mind.


As a young mother with a baby, strange things happened in the old house where we lived. Often we would hear someone running down the passage, slamming doors and cupboard doors, while there was nobody in the house. We became used the sounds and ignored it.


Many times I found the rail of my baby’s cot pulled down when I was absolutely sure that it was safely pulled up and latched before leaving his room.


It was much later that we found some ‘muti’ in the house, but did not know what do about it, and discarded it.


Thirty-five years later, while training a group of students, we discovered Kagiso, a tokoloshe who was hiding under our new housekeeper’s bed. Our previous housekeeper retired, and when her daughter who worked for us at the time went on maternity leave, we employed a new lady. Very soon after she started working for us, she told me that the tokoloshe jumps on her at night, and wants to have sex with her.


We decided to talk to him during training, and he introduced himself as “Kagiso”, who was sent to me by the housekeeper, Miriam, who worked for my mother when we were children. When I got married and had my first child, she came to work for me, but was extremely jealous of my relationship with my husband, and often sat crying in the passage. Being young, I certainly did not realize that she was distressed and would resort to witchcraft and send muti to me, whom she really loved!


Often during my life I experienced ‘sleep paralysis’, which is experienced by many people as soon as they fall asleep. During this experience you feel totally helpless, and it is often accompanied by a ‘zinging’ sound in your ears, fear of the presence of some evil around you, or something trying to pull you away from your body. It is impossible to move to switch a light on or scream, but we found that it helps when praying, and you somehow wrestle yourself out of the paralysis.


Six years ago during training, one of our very experienced practitioners, Dr. Debbie Graaff, spoke to Kagiso, with tears in her eyes while in a trance state, as we could see him trapped in burnt flesh and skin, hiding under the housekeeper’s bed. He was quite harmless, and I can really say that he never hurt us in any way, except create fear and make a noise. He told us that he pulled the cot rail down, and lived around us for thirty-five years while irritating me during ‘sleep paralysis’ and affected our housekeeper.


We assisted Kagiso to the light, and he never bothered any of us again.


Where do Tokoloshes come from?



Since we helped Kagiso, we have worked with many tokoloshes and found that they were mostly children who were killed in Africa for muti, or sacrificed in some or other ritual. The witchdoctor has the ability to control the soul of the child and trap him in a pot or in some type of body, often made out of astral material, comprising of burning flesh and loose hanging skin. Sometimes the burning skin was caused by the soul burning in the fire of what we term ‘hell’ in religious terms.


When we sleep, our consciousness leaves our physical body and we find ourselves in our Astral bodies, often flying or visiting the Astral world, which is the place where ‘dead people’ live, but it is also a place where we create things about which we are emotional. The Astral world is the world of emotion, and the Astral Body is of course our Emotional/feeling body, a ‘vehicle’ in which we can travel through the Astral world. Some people, who have developed their higher bodies, could for example travel to the Mental plane in the Mental (thinking) body, or if they have developed the Intuitional body, they could travel at any time to the higher heavens. There are still higher, more exquisite planes of existence, but very few people have developed ‘vehicles’ in which they could travel to these places of absolute beauty, love, harmony and intelligence, differing between six and eight dimensional worlds. It is only though acquiring these qualities and serving humanity that we come closer to God, and develop these finer vehicles to travel to worlds made from much finer material than the atoms of the physical or astral worlds.


The Astral plane comprises of seven levels, numbered from number one at the top down to number seven at the bottom, number seven being the most dark and dense part of the Astral plane. In this part of the Astral plane souls really suffer when they arrive after a life. They find themselves burning, tortured, raped, beaten, while others suffer in a different way by being lost in darkness, loneliness or pain.

Tokoloshe’s often appear not to be very intelligent, but it is only due to the fact that they retained the knowledge and level of intellect at the time of death in the last life, as would be the case with a small child or a fetus who is earthbound after being raped, killed or aborted. After re-living the experience during regression, we find in most cases that the Tokoloshe is actually a mature soul who was trapped in the ‘tokoloshe’ body because of his fear and anger. Once he remembers the light and love of God, he also remembers who he is as a soul, and could be either an advanced soul who had to undergo the traumatic experience, or a new, fairly undeveloped soul. It does not matter, as we treat them with love and communicate with them on the level which they can understand.


Many people would doubt this communication because of the difference in language, however the brain of the person ‘channelling’ the entity translates it. It happened in the past that the entity speaks in a language that we can’t understand.


Other types of attachments due to muti: Case Studies


The being who was controlled by his mother, a negative Sangoma


I worked with a patient a few years ago who was suffering from Bi-polar, and constantly had to urge to kill or burn herself. When her baby was born, she had the urge to kill the child. The lady was the second wife of a man who also had another wife in a rural area. During regression we found that she had an attachment, who was a spirit, controlled by his mother, a ‘Sangoma’.


She previously worked as a Healer (good Sangoma), but changed after her son died in a Taxi accident at the age of 28. She visited a witchdoctor in order to gain more power, and at the time of her son’s funeral, the witchdoctor confined the soul of her son to a bowl.  Since that time she controlled her son, and used him to do harm to people when using muti against them.


When I spoke to her son, he told me that his mother sends him to kill people, and that his assignment with my patient was to kill her. He tried to convince her to kill the baby. We discovered that her husband’s first wife, who lives in the rural area, consulted his mother who gave her muti to get rid of the new wife.


I asked him how many people he killed, and he said ‘none so far, but I will succeed’. When I took him back in time during age regressing, using the patient’s voice, I learned that he was very angry with the Taxi driver for causing his death at such a young age, and that he was now trapped in doing this work for his mother. We did not go back to lives before the last life, but in my experience it is quite possible that he had some contracts with his mother and the darkness which could go back a few hundred years or lifetimes. The anger at the time of death is not sufficient to have him trapped in such a hopeless situation.


It was very difficult to convince him to leave due because of loyalty to his mother, and the only way I could help him was to communicate with his mother, who is still in physical form. We spoke to her, possibly through her Astral or Mental body, and she refused to let him go, until I showed her through a window where my own mother lives in the ‘light’ and where her son will end up in the ‘dark’. She then agreed to set him free, and we could assist him to go to the light.


I don’t know what happened to the mother after the experience, but trust that she let go of the ‘power’ and resumed her task according to her ‘calling’ as a Sangoma (healer) who works with love and light.


Patient who suffered from Bi-polar and tried to harm herself


The patient was a mature, very educated black lady who was diagnosed with Bi-Polar, and had to refrain from making herself coffee when she arrived for her appointment, as she had the urge to burn herself with the hot water from the kettle.


I worked with her, and was assisted by a Professor in Sociology, who was at the time bringing a number of people to me, who had been in exile during the time of apartheid. These people suffered immensely, and I trust that the healing at our Ethnomedicine Clinic helped them find health, peace and happiness.


When working with the patient, we discovered that she had an entity attachment, who happened to be her grandfather. Her mother did not marry his son, and when the daughter, my patient, was born, the father was very angry. After passing away, his anger persisted, and he was even more angry with his son. He killed four of his son’s children (his grandchildren) from the ‘other side’ by suicide and drowning, and tried to kill the fifth child, our patient, through depression, hoping she would commit suicide.


We discovered his anger stemmed from racial hate and his perception of apartheid inequalities and humility, which was programmed and worsened by compounding of suggestions by his parents and friends. Fortunately we could assist him to let go of the anger, and have a better understanding of the real cause of his anger. He is no longer earthbound and can continue his evolution as a soul in a much higher part of the Astral plane, where there are hospitals with trained ‘staff’ to help the soul heal physically and emotionally, and he can once again remember what love is!


Patient suffering from Chronic Ear infection and sore arm


Doctors tried in vain to assist the patient to heal from a chronic ear infection, and could find no apparent reason for the pain in his arm.


During regression we found that he was suffering from witchcraft done to him in a previous life. In 1920 he was very good looking, wealthy and a good swimmer, who just won an important swimming championship in another country. Due to jealousy, someone sent gave him ‘muti’, which started affecting him at the same age in his current life in South Africa. During regression he also re-lived a time when he went to the darkness, and was burnt after dying in a prior life.


The suffering in this life was due to vows and contracts made in previous lives. With every vow comes a ‘vow-keeper’, who is either an earthbound or darkforce entity, who makes sure that we keep the vow.


We used a technique which allowed him to move into the sore arm as well as the ear to find out what emotion was causing the discomfort and inflammation. During this procedure, he could look inside the affected area, and experience the layers of emotion causing the dis-ease. From there it was easy to go back to the time when the emotion was first seated in the subconscious mind, which lead us to various past life events, and of course the initial sensitizing event in this life.


This is a typical example of a mixture of current and past life emotions, entangled with past life and current life witchcraft, muti, entity attachments, contracts and spiritual vows, as well as negative karmic events, all leading to much suffering in this life.


The pain in the arm started subsiding almost immediately, and two days later, the ear infection started clearing up with quite a bit of stuff being excreted by the ear. We trust that it will all clear up totally, and that he now has a new start in life, understanding who he is as a soul, and that he will follow his ‘calling’ to work with children.


Spider sent to new training Executive


We recently visited a new training centre in a neighbouring country and was invited to stay with the director of the school while training. They have the most amazing house which resembles living in a five-star hotel, exquisitely furnished and well extremely well organized.


Upon arrival we were shown to our room on the third floor, overlooking the luscious garden and pool. The lady of the house showed us the house, and gave us a choice of rooms. As we entered the first room, I felt the vibration of the room was very low, and a shiver ran down my back; thus we chose the second room for our stay. As my husband fetched our luggage, I lay back on the bed in our room, and when closing my eyes, I immediately saw a huge spider, larger than a door, who lived in the first room shown to us.


The spider had been in the adjoining room for a few months prior to our visit, but did not affect the owners of the house. He was just quietly observing what she was doing, and moved very quietly around the house at night. I told her what I saw, and later the evening she went into meditation, and put the spider in a ‘ball of light’. She ‘flung him into the cosmos’, and felt relief. When she told me the next morning what she had done, I smiled, and knew that we needed to work with him. It is not as simple as just ‘sending him off in a ball of light’.


The following day I took her into a trance-state and we looked from above at what happened when she sent him off ‘into the cosmos’. He was still there, but trapped in a ball of light, but it did not solve the problem. Now I could communicate with him, and through using her voice, we learned that he was sent to her to find out what she was doing. As an Ethnopsychology Practitioner, she was doing great work in her country, but there are some “Traditional Healers” who don’t understand what she is doing, and sent this being to ‘spy’ on her. I could see that it did not affect their life very much at present, but that he would start ‘spinning’ around her in the near future to stop her practising and training, which would eventually affect their lives and health.


We could break the effect of the muti and curse and really assist the soul who was trapped in the ‘spider’ body in the spirit to freedom and assist him back to the light, understanding that he can come back to earth and have his own body again when the time is right.


Beings in new training centre


Still in the same country as mentioned above, I noticed a few ‘people’ constantly walking up and down the wooden staircase of the training centre, writing furiously on boards. I thought they were simply ‘working’ there since the previous war, but to my surprise, they were there to stop the school from training Ethnomedicine & Ethnopsychology. There were six of these beings, who were writing what they called ‘scripts’, which were actually ‘dark prayers’ to prevent success.


The wrote the prayers and stacked them behind the desk of the principle of the school. The leader was a being who was in love with her in a very remote lifetime in Atlantis. He loved her, and when she rejected her, he made a vow to ‘get her back’. The darkness promised that he could have her in the next life if he succeeds in destroying her in this life. They also promised him that he could have some light if he succeeds. He burst out crying, using a patient’s voice when I touched his hand and said he can have some of my light for free, and passed it on to him. He immediately recognised the light as unconditional love.


They tell these beings in the darkness that they have no light, and that the light can hurt and kill them, in order to keep them working for the darkness. This being was a sixth degree master in the darkness. They wear a cloak and a different colour mask according to their level of ‘mastership’, which varies from level one to level seven; seven being the highest. There faces are very badly burned and scared to force them not to love anything, especially themselves.


Through the love of God, it is possible for me to pass unconditional love and different frequencies of energy through my hands to effect healing, and we could assist this being to heal and restore the facial features, and other parts of the body that was burnt. The mask melted away, and the being, now filled with light and love could once again love himself, asked those that were suffering in the darkness due caused by him for forgiveness, and take them into the light with him.


I also made him re-live the event in Atlantis, and after understanding his contract and attachments and control caused by his vows, he could let go of his rejected ‘love’ for this lady, and move on to the light.